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upvc double pipe extrusion line


A. Extruder

  1. high extrusion capacity,low melt temperature.
  2. special screw design insure the high-efficientcy and high yield.
  3. bevel gear design of high hardness and low noise brings dependable performance with long time service.
  4. adoption the frequency variable speed adjusting and direct current speed regulation design as your choose.
  5. according to the different material extrusion choosing the different extrusion machine.

B. Die and Calibretor

  1. spiral type or skep type die head flow distribution 
  2. the best design of the low temperature causing smooth pipe inter and outside surface.
  3.  equal heating to die-head make sure good quality.
  4. high flexibility is applicable to different pipe size.


C. Vacuum water tank and Cooling tank.

  1. the tank body made by stainless steel.
  2. the water pump of high power and equal equipped  spraying nozzle to efficient spraying cooling.
  3. filtering net avoid impurity from water to block spraying nozzle.
  4. two stage cooling stage with spraying nozzle to stead of marinating unit to optimize cooling methods.
  5. provide special length, unit cooling tank according to requirement.


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