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PE Pipe Making Machine

The use of the specified range,

1.PE pipes can be safely used for 50 years or more;

2.a strong low-temperature impact resistance,PE Low temperature brittleness low pipe, range -60 ℃ -60 ℃, good impact resistance, winter construction pipes rattle does not occur;


3. Resistance PE pipe inner surface is smooth,Manning coefficient is 0.009, to ensure PETubing is stronger than other pipes higher transmission capacity, while reducing the pressure loss and water pipeline energy consumption;

4 .good impact resistance PE pipe toughness, impact resistance, high strength, heavy direct pressure pipes, does not cause pipeline rupture;

5 excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance of the steel pipe by contrast,PE pipe wear resistance is 4 times higher than steel.Reliable hot melt or fused pipe body strength than excuses.
Since joints will not move or disconnect the action of live loads;

6 Good coilability
PE pipe flexible, easy to bend, bend around obstacles can reduce the amount of pipe fittings;

7.Excellent corrosion resistance

Apart from a few strong oxidant, can be resistant to a variety of chemical erosion of media; no point to chemical corrosion.

ABS light Only ordinary PVC pipe 2/3, the density0.9-1.2Gram/Cc,Two)EnergyThan ordinary,PVC Pipe manufacturing cost savings 10%;


Fluid resistance,Than ordinary PVC Pipe water capacity can be increased 10% About

Excellent noise performance,Than ordinary PVC Pipe reduced 6-8dB;

High impact strength,Than ordinary PVC Pipe improve 15 Above

Corrosion resistance,Applicable to transport all kinds of corrosive liquid

High flame retardancy,Meet national B1 Level standards:

Long life,Indoor applications or buried underground, not less than 50 years of its life

Easy installation, saving investment.

PP-R Pipes for hot and cold water systems, heating systems

Pure drinking water systems, is a national focus on the promotion of the latest energy-saving tube shaping health products.

PP-RTube most Prominent feature is the heat insulation, a Vicat softening point of 131.3℃, the highest temperature 95℃, long-term use temperature of 70℃, thermal conductivity of0.2lW / m ℃, only steel1/2O0, Insulation section

Able with excellent results, in terms deeply respected mining geothermal heating

PVC Pipe Features
1. Lightweight, convenient transportation and handling:
PVC Tube material is very light, handling, loading and unloading, construction convenient, can save labor.


2.PVC Pipe excellent chemical resistance:
PVC Pipe has excellent resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, chemical industrial purposes for very fit.

3.PVC Pipe Fluid resistance:
PVC Pipe wall is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, Lower than other pipes in the same flow, the diameter may be reduced.

4.PVC Pipe mechanical strength:
PVC Pipe pressure resistance strength, resistance to external pressure strength, impact strength etc. is very good for a variety of conditions of the plumbing.

5.PVC Tubing for electrical insulation resistance:
PVC Tube full of excellent electrical insulation for wire and cable ducts, and piping construction on the wire.

6.PVC Pipe does not affect the water quality:
PVC Confirmed by the dissolution test tube does not affect the water quality of the current best pipe water pipe.


7. Simple construction:
PVC Pipe joining construction quickly and easily, so the construction project costs low.

Second,PVC Tubing Uses:
1.Water engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
4.Sewer construction
5.Telecommunications Engineering
6. Shaft sinking project
7. Salt works
8.Natral Gas Engineering


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